The world is a big, fascinating place.

Let’s Know Things is a show about the complexities underlying the news.

Which is to say it’s a show in which its host, Colin Wright, expounds upon the issues we hear about in the news, adding context that aids in the understanding of why this information is important, what it means for other, seemingly disparate areas of interest, and how the whole heap of happenings can be viewed as an interconnected series of attention-worthy incidences.

Each episode starts with an article that is progressively “unspooled” as attention is given to oft-neglected aspects of a story, and those that are difficult to communicate or express via more typical news mediums.

The best way to understand LKT is to listen to an episode. Consider starting with this one, or jump right in and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

Colin Wright speaking at The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles photo by Light Affect

About the Host

Colin Wright is an author and speaker who typically moves to a new country every four months based on the votes of his readers.

He’s currently producing LKT from beautiful (if humid) Memphis, Tennessee.

Colin’s blog is at exilelifestyle.com, and his books can be found at colin.io.

You also find him all over social media, but he’s especially prolific on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.