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Background Technologies

This week we talk about domestication, exoskeletons, and biometric tattoos.

We also discuss RFID pills, genetic algorithms, and the Nike Vapor Razor Talon.


Impulse Control

This week we discuss tetraethyllead, alcoholism, and irresistible impulses.

We also talk about the Twinkie Defense, lead poisoning, and affluenza.



This week we discuss China, Tesla, and The Fate of the Furious.

We also talk about Will & Grace, the Pax Romana, and cultural hegemony.



This week we talk about counterfeit rupees, the blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

We also discuss Ethereum, bubbles, and Dutch tulip mania.


Cultural Appropriation

This week we discuss privilege, cochlear implants, and who should sell burritos.

We also talk about skin whitening, X-linked hypophosphatemia, and the diffusion of innovations.


Show Summary

Let's Know Things is a podcast about adding context to the news. Each episode, host Colin Wright unspools a news item and discusses the broader topics that make it relevant and worth understanding.

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